Realize dreams...


All night or all day my brain can create some things which I couldn't expect, for example, like

Триада Логос Неофит

Philosophy in Landscape design

Nature and minimal intrusion into it ... You can only skilfully emphasize or emphasize details in nature itself, add to it more comfort for growth, flowering, development, combining everything in common Harmony and Unity, in the end you will also please yourself , being in such a space, while contemplating the beauty, strength and other directions of the Philosophy of Nature ...

Entry group

Variant №1

Белый цвет в ландшафтном дизайне

A bird feeder house, since care of them is important, infinity inspired me to create pergola as supports for climbing plants and large amphoras is good for flowers.

Оригинальная пергола синего цвета

Stone bench will only add to the naturalness of the overall concept.Лавка из камня

Even the exterior on the house- the author's drawing on the facade of the house with nature did not come out of the head.

It was thought that this would be an excellent solution, complementing the very Nature ..

Белый и синий в ландшафтном дизайне

Камни в ландшафтном дизайне


Variant  №2

Японский ландшафтный дизайн

Средиземноморский ландшафтный дизайн

Оранжевый в ландшафтном дизайне

Японский стиль в ландшафтном дизайне

Рисунок на фасаде дома природа

Философия в ландшафтном дизайне

Ландшафтный дизайн участка

Философский ландшафт

Zoning or proper site planning or some "secrets" in landscape design

Zone of Water and Fire, Utilitarian and "therapeutic" part, recreation area, landscaping of the site with author's solutions and symbols in landscape design ...

Author's solution for a swing-bed or a swing for two, author's symbolism on a stone, running water from a fountain and author's art object on it.

Качели для двоих на участке

Качели-кровать на участке

Оригинальная беседка

Авторское решение беседки

Беседка на участке

Зона огня на участке

Зона огня и воды на участке

Фонтан лотос

Источник на участке

визуализация ландшафтного дизайна

Утилитарная зона или мини-огородик на участке

Утилитарная и лечебная часть на участке

Планировка сада на участке

Оригинальная терраса на участке

Синий и белый цвет на участке

Средиземноморский ландшафтный дизайн

Zone of meditation

Зона медитации на участке

Bathroom and garden shower

erВанная и душ на участке

Planning and zoning of the territory, visualization

3d план участка

планировка и зонирование участка

Визуализация участка оболонь

визуализация участка

визуализация территории участка

визуализация территории участка

визуализация участка оболонь

планировка и зонирование участка, визуализация

планировка и зонирование территории участка

Investment project@Sand Park@

Sand park

Investment project "Cube-o-Maniya"

This Investment Project was developed for the company "Active Country". Project looking Investor and are ready for implementation. All the details you can ask me or also ask them: 

Investment project "4*Cubes"

This Investment Project was developed for the company "Active Country". Project looking Investor and are ready for implementation. All the details you can ask me or also ask them:


Investment project "X .   ..    Matrix"

This Investment Project was developed for the company "Active Country". Project looking Investor and are ready for implementation. All the details you can ask me or also ask them:

Investment project Bridge - Lizard/Snake "GUSHA" /skeleton

Gusha is a lizard, whose skeleton is 400 meters long, wraps around the mighty trees and supports. Skull, like a viewing platform, is visible at an altitude of 12m. Vertebrae and bones rise like steps, at equal distances and serve as an excellent ferry from point "A" to point "B". To protect the people walking inside, the living creature threw off the hide, in the form of ropes and a net, thus making the walk more comfortable. This Investment Project was developed for the company "Active Country". We with Gusha want find Investor and we hope the soonest implementation this idea into reality.

Investment project - Tower "DUH"

This Investment Project was developed for the company "Active Country". Idea of the Tower "DUH" came to my mind when the task was to create interesting Start / Finish Zones for the roller and other active / entertaining ideas/platform for free falls. How I want to see my ideas not only in my imagination, but also in the implementation and successful functioning...

Башня для свободного падения

Investment project - "Bird and Nest"

The task for me was to make an unusual Eco-Amphitheater. In my brain for about a year was a Bird ... similar to Udod, Gamayun, Sirin, Alkonost, Phoenix, etc ... different names were given to her at different times ... So she flew to the nest in the form of a scene. But, in the end, for those to whom she flew ... this proposal was an impossible task for realization ... Now the bird is looking for someone for whom it will be desirable, necessary and can become real in this unreal world for her...

Амфитеатр проект


Игровая площадка


Middle ages history

The theme for this idea was the Middle Ages. Covering from the Rain and the Sun are Book-Stories with unfolded pages, so that you can read the recorded texts, view the images of that Time. Large flowerpots with blue hydrangeas. Chairs in the form of letters.

Средневековый парк

World of Stories

The idea in visualization is "World of Stories". Chairs is in the form of letters. Covering from the Rain and the Sun are the Fairy Tales with unfolded pages, so that the children can read the recorded texts. Under your feet, - the space where the episodes from the fairy tales are drawn and their name is "scattered", so that you can find relevant stories. You can also draw your ideas. Chairs in the form of pillows, which are also painted, like a dream stories. Near appear "revived" characters from the Books and you can make a photos with them. Logs-convolutions  are also painted in the form of stories, legends. Swings are painted fairy tales, about the sea ... etc. But, most likely, this idea will remain an idea, because as it usually happens ((((, there is no finance in state structures...

 Книги в парке

Totally, first idea was simplified to the next variant:

\ /


This project "Canopy" was created for "Active Country". You know, there are people who I can safely describe in one word ... "Live" ... It's about them ... We are waiting for a successful implementation ...

Art "Bottle with a note"

This idea- RT "Ищееду with a note" I created for "Active Country".. I hope that you will be read what is written here and what author wanted to convey in the note to people soon. We are waiting for a successful implementation 


I was asked to create art object - a glass cube that plans to install on Poshtova Square. The idea of the images from the fragments and the images, according to the customer, has created Thomas Medicus. Interestingly, what inspired him to create on one facet faces with raised palms and why he put this image exactly on the cube? A very similar idea was created earlier by me and recently, even the oil painting is a picture ...

Всесвіт у кожному

... I was asked in the message "What is this post on the fb and on your page on the Internet? What message did you want to convey? From your post this is not at all clear ..." So ... I answer the questions: "In different time, eras, civilizations, etc. people who don't know each other from different places, countries, etc., can see, feel, create the same thoughts, images, etc. It's amazing! Also they can find each other, for example, in Internet, etc. " I sincerely rejoice if our civilization develops in a good way ... Let guys get to realize this project ...))) ... I hope the questions got answers?...

Created in my brain "without mind"


Art "Lucifer Match"

Green Country

The project was created with the company "Active Country" on the principle of greening roofs with extensive use. Public garden and grass on the roof.

Investment project №111

Cottage Complex "La^zavard" 

Коттеджный комплекс план

Варианты фасада коттеджа

Фасад коттеджа

Original zones for rest




Оригинальный фонтан

Танцующий Фонтан

Cottage №1 

Cottage №2

Cottage №3

Cottage №4


Cottage №5

Fireplace (Day and Night)


"Laconity" brick

... in the process of implementation ...

Shelter from rain and winds above the terrace and steps
Накрытие - Поликарбонат

Солнечные панели для парковки


From the depths of my silence I take "creative" art-objects, as they say me, original fountains, extraordinary rotundas, intricate fireplace forms in the garden, unusual gazebos and benches, etc.:

Face and Body

The body also knows how to see (look), hear (listen), speak / be silent, inhale / exhale ...

Лицо и Тело

Art from my soul

Необычный Фонтан



Арт объект сквер




Disco bar 


Raven / a / Eco-complex

So popular in recent times eco-style (Ukrainian eco-style in this project). Backlight, built-in stumps, driftwood, logs; a roof made of straw and reeds; ranch, chicken coops, hayloft, stable, outdoor cinema in the open air, eco-garden, garden, sunflowers, etc ... The original pier in the form of a 3-wheeled bike ... Mmm ... Nice...


Украинский стиль на участке 

Эко-стиль украинский


Эко комплекс

Солнечные часы

Original pier in the form of a 3-wheeled bike
Причал в виде велосипеда

... in the process of implementation ...

Эко стиль на участке Эко стиль на участке



Корсунь-Шевченковский ландшафт участка

Sofievskaya Borshchagovka

Restaurant MOROCCO

Pier, south




Koncha Zaspa 







"We are Happiness. It's a pity that we don't  remember this ... "Horseshoe Happiness"We are Happiness. It's a pity that we don't  remember this ... "Horseshoe Happiness


Proposes in visualization


Time and life endowed with priceless value ...

Ландшафтный дизайн Ставыще


Буча Ландшафтный дизайн



... The sound of the clock constantly reminds the Subconscious about the time ... He loves to watch on him ... Watch makes it clear to him that the past can't be returned, only the present and the future you can change now. He has the right to change ...

 Веремье Ландшафтный дизайн

Brovary #1

Бровары Ландшафтный дизайн

... in the process of implementation ...

Brovary #2
Бровары Ландшафтный дизайн

Бровары Дизайн участка


Бровары Дизайн фасада дома и участка

Shopping Center "Olympic"

Decoration of walls on the terrace, create an individual solution for mirror lamps and pictures in the mirrors

Декор стен на террасе зеркалом

Светильники из зеркала










New Obukhovsk hightway

Новая Обуховская Ландшафтный дизайн

New Petrovtsi




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